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Geocells are manufactured from lightweight, flexible mats made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) strips. These strips; are ultrasonically bonded together to form an extremely strong, 3-dimensional honeycomb matrix that can be filled with soil , sand , aggregate or other infill materials;.

These products are very useful in a variety of applications that require a barrier or structural foundation including, erosion control , slope , channel, and ground stabilization.

According to different seam peel strength ,GeoPool geocells are divided into 3 series :

GP SERIES ( 1080N )

GPZ SERIES ( 1200N )

GPQ SERIES ( 1420N )

In order to satisfy the different conditions of geographical environment as well as project budgets , our geocells are available in various heights and cell sizes in solid wall or perforated (to allow flow between cells) styles.

Product functions

Civil engineering & Construction

Erosion control


Roadway stabilization
Temporary site access
Pedestrian walkways
Structural supports
Retaining walls

Soil stabilisation on steep slopes
Revetments & flexible channel lining  systems
Coastal protection
Earth retention structures

Grassland maintenance
Tree root protection
Slope protection
Street shoulder parking

Cell Depths : 50 ~ 300mm